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Nov. 3 2007

Opening day Va bp season. Temps in the low 40's overnight to upper 50's low 60's mid day. Strong winds most of the day NNE to NE 18-20 mph in the morning to 10-12 mph afternoon/evening.

The moon looked like this,

and was overhead at midday.

Today was my first hunt this season at our farm and with my dad. He has been bowhunting every weekend since Oct 6 wit minimal sightings and no kills yet. I Hunted my lounger stand that overlooks a bottom that crosses a powerline right of way and our back field. At 0745 I had a nice buck come between me and our back field wind break (125 yards). Although that is about my max range he never gave me a good shot and was gone as quickly as he showed up. Hunted til lunch, did a tiny bit of "speed scouting" and found two different scrape/rub lines and some good sign.

My dad getting a little practice:

Posted my dad up on the field I was bordering in the a.m. and I hunted near the windbreak I saw the buck on. No luck with the buck but pops had 4 does come out on him at about 60 yards and he missed one clean (doe fever). She let him reload while they stood there looking aroundbut just when he was about to aim for his second shot she decided she had seen enough and blew out of there, taking her friends with her.

Side note: Re-post property lines and talk to bordering hunt club president, someone has taken the stabilizer bars to two of our ladder stands and one stand has broke ladder at bottom(don't forget to repair).
I will catch them if they show up much more and they will get to meet Mr. Warden, no warnings.
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