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Oct. 26-27 2007

Weather still sucking. Rain & wind hit hard the end of this week. We needed the rain and the wind is supposed to be bringing cooler fall temps by Sunday Oct. 28, finally. This week the bucks really picked up the pace. Heavy scraping and some bucks starting to bird dog groups of does in the fields, they also seem to be reponding well to short mildrattling sequences.

Srape line hunting, Code Blue Doe Estrous, Buck Bomb-Dominant Buck, short rattling and some calling (grunting & rattling together).

Link to above and belowweekend hunt details:

Raindrops Were Fallin' On My Head......

Oct. 27 2007 (taken at 0730)

Morning after 2nd full moon. Rain, Wind WSW 10-15 mph, Scrape line rattling. Mathews Q2, Goldtip 5575's, Grim Reaper 100gr Razor Cut.

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