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Default RE: My Field Notes

Oct. 20 2007

Hunted Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest. Weather was cooling off a little but still unseasonably warm (upper 60's low 70's).

Hunted this area blind using only aerial photos and map from VDGIF.

Saw 4 does, two came in at less than 20 yards and busted me as I was hunting from the ground and got caught snoozing. It was a fun hunt and nice area, plan on hunting it again next season, Remember to bring climber.

Oct. 23 2007

Hunted a military base near the house. I have hunted one other installment close by and have had good success . This area was crowded 8-10 hunters showed up that day andeveryone kind of hunted the same side. I got skunked but did see one doe while driving out. I'll probably stick to the other base the rest of the season.

Weather still warm, you have got to be kidding me. More scrape activity, and second full moon coming up in 3 days (Oct. 26).

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