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Here is a list of human genetic defects. Hope you and your wife were tested and certified before you bred.

Hey just trying to better the breed, don't let me bashing every post with my anal retentive disorder bother you.

Would I buy a Lab that wasn't from tested parents? no
Do people have the right to sell dogs that are from parents that aren't? yes
Is it a legal requirement to get the parents tested? no
Is it an AKC requirement? no
Is is a requirement of the board to have that done before you try to sell the pups? no
Is it a requirement to get your approval of every lab litter posted for sale? obviously you think it should be so
It is a good idea? of course
Will I get my GSP's tested if I ever decide to breed them? of course
Do you think you will change peoples minds by being a condescending, pompous, know it all? apparently so

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