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Default My Field Journal (VA & NC)

Just wanted somewhere to start logging some of my field journal notes, pics, etc. The regional threads never seem to scroll off as fast so it should be easy to keep up with, wish I had started beginning of bow season in NC (Sept. 8).

Links from some Sept. outings:

Rough Start

Hair Raising!! (little long)

Corn or Beans?? Help (PIC FIXED)

Oct. 6, 2007
Opening Saturday of Va Bow Season. Wind from the S to SSW most of the day. Dry and warm with highs in the 80's. Moon was about 35% full and directly overhead at

Morning Stand off of creek between recently cut corn and bedding (downeys). 0 sightings, I think they cleared the field early and I may have just missed them in the dark.

Steve hunted between cut corn and road saw 2 bucks 5 does arrowed his first deer ever at 1000.

Evening Stand: Hunted off edge of cut corn (new piece) and saw 12 does and two bucks(one nice). Never closer than 55 yards, good wind, never spooked.

Jimmy hunted around the corner in the next field pocket and saw 9 does and two bucks. This being one of them.

Starting to see more and more perimeter scrapes (field edges, paths, etc.) but still seeing bucks together. Light acorn drop this year but still huntable. At this point not using many calls, scents, or rattling.
Needed = rain and cold temps.
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