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Default RE: Finally Our Turn MA Hunters

Well, I'm stuck hunting weekends on Public Land. That in and of itself always makes my deer seasons in massachusetts an adventure. I've had mountain bikers travel within 30yds while I'm in the stand in a state forest. Then I have things like what happened to me saturday.

Went out for an afternoon hunt on Saturday. Was climbing up into my stand around noon. I'm facing the tree as I'm climbing up and I'm looking directly into the field. There were probably 20 turkey making their way across the field 20 yards into the field. I thought "Hey, this might be a good afternoon." BEEEEPPPPP Wrong !

Around 2:30 I turn to my right and out of the corner of my eye I see movement in the field. I think "Deer in the field already so I stand slowly and turn around to see what is going on. I see a hunter, I use the term loosely, walking through the middle of the field, bow in hand, hunter orange fanny pack. He walks all the way across the middle of the field. This in itself isn't too bad, after all he might have a stand across the field. BBEEEEEPPPPPP WRONG! He then walks all the way back to where he started but making his way along the field edge. He might as well have just bought a billboard and had it erected in the field to announce his presenence.

Then around 4pm, I hear a loud clap. I slowly get up and see a guy walking his dog with through the field.

WHAT THE F*&%???? I don't know if I should even go back to a different section of that area or blow out completely. I know the guy with the dog knew someone was hunting b/c my truck was right on the road. He walked through that field on purpose.

I hate public land hunting in this state.
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