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Default RE: bought new remington .700 BDL

I've had the same rifle and caliber since my college days. Probably my most-used rifle. Topped by an inexpensive Bushnell 4-12x scope.

How it "handles"? Well, it's not a sports car, if that's what you mean. It's a rifle, balanced as well as any other I've used.

Range? While range is a matter of physics, accuracy at long distances is a matter of skill. I'll say that there haven't been many times I've felt limited by the .30-06. On the other hand, I've felt limited by my skills on more than one occasion. My "longest" shot on big game with this rifle has been 175 yards, but I'm not into lobbing lead at game. I stalk game.

So, with a solid buttplate, one might be a bit intimidated by the .30-06. It does get your attention, but mark my words much less so than my .300 Wby or .375 H&H does, either of them with fairly substantial pads. If you're shooting from a bench or at prairie dogs from the prone, you're going to feel it if you shoot much more than half a box of ammo. If you're hunting, you're not going to remember the shot that bagged your deer.

Ammunition? Lots of guys and the magazines will tell you to fork out $40 a box on custom factory ammo. I've used "cheapo" Remington, Winchester, and Federal ammo for years, and I've NEVER had a problem. For deer, use a 150 grain CoreLokt, PowerPoint, or Hi-Shok. Elk and moose, use a 180 grain. Get yourself to the range though. Get to know your rifle, hone your marksmanship skills.

With practice, I think you'll find this rifle will meet nearly all of your North American hunting needs. You'll only feel undergunned if you're hunting in Alaska and bears are present. My model 700s haven't failed me yet.
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