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Default bought new remington .700 BDL

I just bought a new Remington .700 BDL Custon Deluxe 30.06 centerfire rifle.... i was just wondering if i made a good buy or not.
my friend told me about this gun and that this a very good gun.....i was just wondering if any of any you have the same modelI have4 questions about this gun this gun handles
2.what you think my range would be on this gun
3.should i buy recoil pads so i can reduce the recoil of the gun
4.what type of bullets should i use?
ive just got this gun afew days ago and was wondering if i got a good buy.i havent had a chance to go to the shooting range yet, i will have a chance to site it out before i go for some whitetails.

thank you and good luck!!
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