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I, like another has posted, store my bags in leaves taken from the area I hunt.
And also, hang 'em outside under my shed& let the natural air go threw it. I never try to wear / or storage my hunting clothes in the house. They are to many household scents, cooking smells, cleaning chemicals etc, that the smell will get into your clothes, then you will be wearing shirts that will smell like you eat pork chops / chicken / eggs / bacon >>> and your wife washed the dishes with Dawn or Flower Scent soap.
Talking about scents, for years I used # 69 Tinks, and it has given me pretty good luck if you use it at the right time. BUT *** Two years ago I found the best scent, it's freeze dried, all you do is adda little water as directed,and works better than any other I have ever used. And the great thing about freeze dried, it NEVER goes bad. NEVER !!!!!
Even started a few hunting buddies on it and they swear that this is the stuff.
It's called >>> Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures, made STRICTLY from true uriene and doe in heat estris >>> Look 'em up on the web, and try it, you will not be disatified at all ... This product really works !!!!!! AND STICK WITH THE REAL HORNS FOR RATTLE <<<<<<<<<
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