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I hunt a place where the owners fenced off areas for their horses. The deer regularly crawl under or jump over the fences. It doesnt stop them. Last time out, the landowners wife was raking acorns near my spot because she didn't want her horses eating them and getting sick. I stayed there, figured she was as much of this habitat as anything else, and besides she was raking the acorns to the side of the fence I was sitting on. Well, her horses all crowded around to vacuum up all of the acorns she missed, and all I had in range that afternoon was 6 horses. The week before, I took a doe under that oak tree, and the week before that saw a couple more feeding but offered no shot. Those were the only 3 times I got out to hunt that property so far (moving stinks...) I told her after the hunt that I didn't see anything, she did in her big field. She says the horses don't bother the deer, she sees the deer and horses together regularly.
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