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This morning a very good friend of mine smoked a real nice 6x6 not more than 75 yrds from where my bull fell! Same type of expereince only he shot his bull from 50yds not 18". His bull had a herd of 40 cows with him. The lead cow led the herd onto our ranch and the bull followed until he was right in front of my partners set up and he let fly with a 180grn silvertip out of his .308 pea shooter!! One well placed shot directly through the heart and the bull tipped over 30 yds later. Was a great morning for us. He has hunted elk for 20+ yrs and never tagged one so he was ecstatic. 2 for 2 on bulls here at Trickle Creek Ranch!! I just cant wait for them whitetails to fire upfor the rut!!
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