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First of all, I'm sure this is a decent organization with reputable members. I don't know much about it to form an opinion yet. But their marketing area sucks. I get a phonecall a month or so ago from them asking me to join. I told them to send me some more information to review to see if I was interested. They did and kept sending me a couple of statements telling me I was late on payment? I never agreed to join! Finally, I got a notice that said they were turning it over to collections so I wrote cancel in huge letters and sent it in before leaving on a work trip this week. Today I get back and my wife says, oh yeah, your Buckmasters has been calling nonstop and threatening me. [:@]They are in for a doozy of a call tomorrow morning when their offices open up. Anyone else have any experiences with this organization. [:-]
Yeah man I had theEXACT same situation as you did. I told them to send me some info and the next thing you know, I start getting the magazine. Then I get a bill (which I ignore because I didn't order anything) and then I get a collections bill. I proceed to call their customerrelations office and I got remeeded on the phone. I let the"customer service" agent know that I was calling the Alabama better business bureau and I would never patronize their organization. Ithenfound someone to emailat buckmasters. The email address I found was
[email protected]
[/align]Herewas my email :

"Dear Sir or Ma'am:
[/align]I just had perhaps the rudest conversation with an customer service rep that I have ever had. I called to cancel my buckmaster subscription (account #*********) and was told that I had two choices, pay the full amount now or pay it on a 6 month plan and this was told to me in a very disrespectful manner. You see I never meant to agree to sign up for a 5 year subscription to buckmasters. When I was initially contacted by buckmasters, I told the salesman to send me some information on the program and I would think it over. Ithen thought it over, discussed it with my wife and decidedagainst wanting the subscription. When I recieved the bill, I didn't see anywhere to cancel my subscription. I then recieved my first copy of the magazine in the mail and then subsequently acollections notice saying to pay up now or a collections agency will be after me.After this, I called your customer service dept (1-800-250-2825) and was told very rudely that I cannot get out of this membership at all.
[/align]This is no way to run a business; first I'm signed up for something that I said I wouldTHINK ABOUT and then when I decide against it, I'm told that I have no choice but to pay. I used to have quite a bit of respect for your organization, I know that you care about deer hunting and hunters and this is the reason I didn't hang up on your salesman right off when I was initially contacted. However, after this situation, I will NEVER patronize your organization again and I WILL be in contact with State of Kansas's better business bureau. I also WILL NOT pay for the 5 year membership. However, I will pay for the two magazines that were sent to me but NO MORE! Feel free to contact me at*** *******or by email.

Sean Garrison"
[/align]Within 5 minutes of this email, I had someone call me backand say my membership was cancelled and I wouldn't have to pay anything and he apologized for any inconvenience that I had. Hope this helps....
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