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I have the good fortune of a DNR warden being a best friend. Lots of benifits seeing my land joins a WMA area, and we hunt alot together. But I also have private property on each side of our land. We contact both land owners (one hunts one doesnt) and obtain permission if this kind of thing happens during the season,(unfortunatly it does). We exchange cell numbers with the landowner that hunts so he can contact us if he needs to track on our land and we call him if we need to go on him to track down game. I would approach him and ask for that permission and work something out and also offer him some meat for the permission. Not much you can do now after he claims the deer, he can always say he shot it, found it or what ever, if he has it processed already not much can be done.He can say it was given to him.I would have gone straight to his house and told him the situation and if he wouldnt cooperate, call the local DNR office for advice, they can come out and look at the spot where you shot the deer and track to the spot it went down and help you claim your deer, but you have to respond and not wait.
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