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Default I need GAME WARDEN

My buddy shot nice 8 point last night but hit the shoulder pretty good. The arrow did not pass through and the deer pulled it out about 60 yards from where he was shot. About 8 inchs of the arrow had good blood and we had a decent trail. With only hitting one lung we wanted to let the deer sit so we left the woods and came back this morning. After about 6 hours of looking my friend found a gut pile. A man said his nieghbor picked the deer up earlier that morning. My friend caught the guy pulling into his driveway and asked him about it. The guy said that all the land is posted and there is no hunting. My buddy respectfully left without his deer. Now keep in mind we hunt legally on private land about 1/4 mile from where the deer died. I'm not sure what the rule is about a deer running onto posted land but I do know you need to call a game warden before you gut and takea deer without tagging it. I feel really bad because it was a nice deer and my buddy lost a big 8 last year. We lost the blood trail when he made a deathrun across a field and a street. We are in chester county, can anyone help?
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