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Default RE: New Deer Hunter...please help

MAN!!!!! 25 feet off the ground!!!! the farthest off the ground i have ever hunted was 16 feet.personally i wouldnt want to have a stove up there. yes it would keep you warmer, but there is one problemsthat jumps out at mewith that idea. WEIGHT, my uncle has an old wood burning stove in his cabin and i helped him put it in, man those things are so heavy, you would probably have a really hard time getting it up in the stand, not to mention that is another couple hundred pounds of weight in that stand, and since it is homemade it is hard telling how much weight the stand can hold and having 2 people and an old wood burning stove might be a bit to much. i personally wouldnt do it, i have hunted for several years in central illinois and it gets pretty cold here in the winter but never felt the need for a stove. my opinion is to leave the stove out but thats just my opinion
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