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i did the same thing,got drawn for a military refuge hunt ,got up that morning felt good,as soon as i got to my brother n laws house it hit me i got sick as hell.we drove down to the spot signed in and were driving back to our area and it was time to throw up again,i was so sick he offered to just drive me 1 hour back home and i said no,only because i didnt want to mess his hunt up,well it was bout an hour before daylight and he was headed back to the woods and he offered to carry my stand,i declined and told him i would wait a few minutes then go,i ended up passin out for about 20 minutes,when i awoke it was at that point in the morning you could barely see anything,i said hell with it got out of the truck grabbed my stand and headed a couple hundred yards down the road and went in i found a spot with in some tall grass infront of a huge thicket and got up a tree facing the thicket,by the time igot up there it was 7:05 figured i wouldnt see nothn and then i saw movement at bout 80 yards i saw a rack comn throuh the thick stuff it went of to the left and i couldnt see him any more,so i blew my grunt 3 times,never heard anything just happened to turn around and look behind me and at 25 yards broadside there he was,i pulled up the thunder stick BOOM DOWN HE WENT,I YELLED YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BECAUSE EVERYTHING I HAD BEEN THROUGH THAT DAY,AS I WAS GETTN DOWN TO GET HIM I GOT N A HURRY[EXCITED AS HELL]AND THE BOTTOM PART OF MY STAND FELL AWAY FROM ME WHEN I WAS ABOUT 10 FEET UP,FORTUNATELY I COULD REACH AROUND THE SIDES OF THE TREE AND SHIMMER MY WAY DOWN AND I DID,YOU TALKN ABOUT AN EXCITED GUY,MY 8 POINTER WAS PERFECTLY SYMETRICAL WITH A CHOCLATE RACK,I WAS SO PLEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT AFTER MY BROTHER N LAW SHOWED UP AND GOT MY TOP HALF OF THE STAND DOWN WE CUT MY TIE ROPE THAT HELD THE PLATFORMS TOGETHER AN D MADE THEM SHORT ENOUGH SO IT COULD NEVER FALL AWAY FROM ME AGAIN,MORAL TO THIS STORY CONTROLL YOUR EXCITEMENT TILL YOUR ON THE GROUND.I WOULD LIKE TO POST MY PICTURES ALSO BUT SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL ME HOW TO GET THEM ON THE COMPUTER THAN ONTHE WEBSITE P.S. SORRY ABOUT THE LONG STORY BUT I GOT EXCITED
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