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I've never used the Parker BE, but have seen good terminal performance reports on them.

I use a little 100 grain Barnes Triple Shocks in my 25-06 and will state with conviction there is no better bullet for killing game than the Barnes all copper jobs. I'veseen two deer shot with TMZ's and results were fantistic. I just can't choke down the cost because of the amount of shooting I do - and I like to do it with bullets I'm going to hunt with. So Gold Bonds are my bullet of choice at the moment.

All in all, I'll give up an inch or two in group size for a bullet if feel I can trust to do the job on the receiving end.

Agree with your assessment of the GoldDots and the TMZ, they are very expensive. The BE are also expensive, $18 for 12, but I will pay that for a hunting bullet, not a shooting bullet. I have 4 boxes of God Dots for general plinking bullet. Chap
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