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Default Too much time Too (2)

I recently starting thinking more about ArrowDynamics and the part it plays for a crazedbowhunter. I wanted accuracy and no gutshot. Before I got into bowhunting I always thought lifesadrag so I knew I needed a new bow and not some deadstix. I was aware that I was whitetailcrazy but I had a Gr8att2d about it. So I set out to buy a bow. I wasn't sure what brand and if I'd be a conceptshooter, MartinJaguarArcher, Bowtech Defender, Mathewsboy, Mathews PA Bowhunter, HighCountry_Bruteforce, Fred Bear Shooter or Hoytteen. But in the end I purchased a Bowtech. With this bow I knew I'd be a Buck Magnet, a bonified PABowhntr.

Now I just had to decide where to hunt. Obviously I'd have to be in da woods and a treehunter but location wise was I going to be a Southdakotahunter, wvOhiofan, mobowhntr, NC Sportsman, RIStrutstopper, INBOWMAN, MN ARCHER, KCMO Cityboy, boonecountybowhunter, riverbottombowhunter, buckeyebuckhntr, wv hunter, Western MA Hunter. Hell I didn't know for sure. There are so many places to hunt. Maybe I'd be a AK Nimrod, Michiganhunter, Kshunter, txjourneyman or txmarshmonkey.

To hunt all these places I knew mehuntalot. I decided to be a SW Iowa Hunter . Now the spot was perfect but I had to isolate the spot. I didn't know if I wanted to hunt down by the Double Creek or the John Deer by the 3 stone. I knew there was a 16point in there. I pretty much wanted to justhuntitall.

Before heading out I went to see Dr Andy to make sure my health was intact. Then on to the church to see The Rev and Preacher Tony. We said a little prayer, GMMAT so I could Hunt4Jesus.

Once in the treestand, wildlife was abundant. I saw a SparrowHawk, SuperRedHawk, snake123, Fieldmouse, gri22ly , Rattlesnake1, onebigelk, and a coyote which was a Howler and we nicknamed him thehairlessone.

I knew if I shot the Papa Ganoush buck-j with the crabclaw and the 2droptine'sthat I'd win the Big Buck Contest. They'd probably give me a nickname. Somthing like Arrowmaster, buckmaster101, PA Trophy Man, -deerslayer-, hammerman, Buckslayer1, Mr October, Antler Eater or something cool like Michael Hunsucker.

To take buck of this caliber though I'd have to hit him in the boiler room. I couldn't be a whacker. I just wanted to kill_it_and_grill_it but I didn't want to just Jumpum and Dumpum.

I wasn't feeling good tho, I must have caught the Germ and I'd only have Oneshot7. I turn 41 this year so I know I'm no youngfart and after 25 seasons I'm not Darookie. Hunting this buck was going to take patience. We had a buck like him which we never killed, we called him daggerbuck, this one we nicknamed dagger buck 2.

The guys back at camp knew I wanted this buck and I wondered if Matt / PA, Greg / MO, Andrew 14, SteveO KanevO, JeramyK, iowabob5, Josh Keller, HuntingEd, Tom2008 Kelly / KY or Big Duane were seeing anything.

Long story short, I didn't get that buck, I turned Sideways and only saw a deertale and I'm still just a B&C WannaBe, a buttonbuckmaster but I'll be back out there to huntm up because I'm the extreme1 or just dnutt. After the season I'll wannaBelkhuntin or a bearklr up on the North4 but rest assured I'll be rdy2hunt the Big Country. Until then iamyourhuckleberry not Rick James beeatch!

sorry, so many names I missed...I couldn't think anymore.

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