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Default RE: Venison Jerky Recipe For My Bow Hunting Friends

You are welcome guys .... please let me know what you think ..

PreacherTony’s Venison Jerky

2 c Worcestershire sauce
2c cup Soy sauce
½ c Liquid Smoke
1 c Red Hot Sauce
6 TB Honey
3 TB Mustard
6 TB Garlic Salt
2 TB Pepper
4 TB Onion Powder
1 c Brown Sugar
To Add HEAT[/b]
2 ½ TB Crushed Red Pepper or
¼ c Tabasco sauce

Mix all marinade ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Pour into plastic container and refrigerate until needed. Measure out 2 cups of mixture for every 3# of meat to be marinated. Pour over meat slices that are already in a quart size zip lock bag. Thoroughly wet all sides of meat. Refrigerate overnight or at least 6 hours. Rotate bag every few hours, working the marinade over all meat. Drain the meat and spread the meat (be sure to NOT overlap) onto trays in single layers. If using a dehydrator, dry for 4-5 hours, (depending on thickness) checking every 2 hours. Make sure to rotate trays
(bottom to top and flipping the meat as needed), or place trays in the oven and dry at 145’ for the first 4 hours then set oven to 130’ until dry( approx. 4-8 hours). Jerky should be hard but not brittle. Blot up any fat that appears with a paper towel. * For a chewy texture, slice the meat with the grain, or across the grain for a more tender jerky.

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