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I hunt up in Oklahoma, about 250 miles north and out-of-state for me (live in Texas). I pack up my gear and drive up on Friday evening, the week before Thanksgiving, and install myself at my sister-in-law's house. I sleep there and drive about 20 miles to the hunting ground. I used to stay out all day, but didn't tend to see anything during the day in the past, so for the last several years have returned at mid-day to nap and eat. I am not a trophy hunter but just after a good hunting experience and some good venison to eat. I butcher the deer myself, skinning and quartering the deer hanging from a tree in my sister-in-law's suburban backyard. It is usually very enjoyable. Nice weather, not too cold in Oklahoma. I've never been rained on in the 5 years I have hunted deer there.
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