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Default Outfitters and lease hunting.

I registered specifically to respond to an old thread I saw somewhere on this forum(that I cannot find now) about outfitters and lease hunting, ie the poster was unhappy to put it mildly that so much land has been leased by outfitters.

I am a farmer with about 2500 acres of very good hunting land, most of which I lease to an outfitter. I am not all that happy about it, but I do it for economic reasons. In my experience, the "free" hunters I use to deal with were much less respectful of myself, my family, and my property than those who pay to use it. In case many of you are unaware of it, farming has become an increasingly difficult business the last 20 years,and land values have skyrocketed.........just as hunters have to competewith the very wealthy for land to hunt, farmers have to compete with very wealthy non-farmers for land to buy to farm.

There is a simple solution to this, as hunters simply lease the land yourself. I think you might be surprised what you could get for $1000 a year. In my own case, I would be more than happy to cut out the middle man, because what I am receiving and what he is charging are far apart, and I am providing the one essential thing, the land. I have no idea how many different hunters are going through my property in a years time, I know it is at least 10, so a group leasing the land is not a problem for me or most other people. Approach landowners with a degree of understanding that you are both in the same boat, competing for land against some very wealthy people. Keep several things in mind, first, you must respect the fact that the farmer owns the land, his word must be law, second, the most money may not get the place, it helps if the landowner actually likes you. Don't BS us, we can see that a mile away and it pisses us off. Little things like helping put in some cows, fixing a little fence, or a simple thank you for letting us hunt go a long way. DON'T show up on Sunday afternoon and ruin our time with our family by trying to make us think you care how harvest was, we like a little time to ourselves. Leasing good hunting land doesn't have to be out of reach of the majority of people, it would be easy for 5-10 guys to go together and beat most outfitters price. Just remember, you still don't own the land, you have to respect the farmer/rancher who does. Believe me, I long for the good old days of just 20 years ago when everyone hunted our land for free, and I could buy all the landI wanted for $400 an acre.
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