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Not really, I have seen plenty of big bucks while out scouting and spotting but for some reason they have pretty much avoided my game cameras entirely. We only got one picture of a nice buck and it is really hard to tell much about him. I wish I would have set my Cuddeback up in this place but we had a Moultrie out and the deer with in the background. We have seen 3 shooter bucks in this patch of woods, a nice 9 point that had a good 2" out past each ear, but he was like alot of the bucks around here, wide spread and short tines. We saw a big 10 point that would be close to 20" outside and he had pretty nice tine length, and we caught a quick glimpse of a giant in this field, he makes the buck in my avatar pic look like a fawn. This is the biggest one so far....

And this is the biggest that I have gotten in my honey hole (I saw 3 bucks on stand there last year that would have went between 130"-150")... I know they are there but the woods changed so much during the winter due to timbering that I just havn't got a good pattern on them yet.

And I know this guy made it through the season so I am hoping he is still around...

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