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Default RE: Killing a Squirrel : BB or Pellet Gun?

ORIGINAL: kdvollmer

My personal favorite is a howitzer, followed by naval gunfire........

I have killed many of squirrels with both, very effectively, though Pellets are most likely goingto work better since there are many out there specifically for hunting. Hollow points and such.

well by personal experience, the pellet gun would be more accurate, the bb gun will still be accurate but at shorter ranges unless lead bb's (if they exist) are used, this basicly comes down to the rifling on the gun where lead pellets and bb's will becom rifled, steel bb's will not be effected by the rifling on the gun due to their size.

choice is yours man, may i ask if it will be a sping-piston, pump up, or pcp pellet/bb gun?

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