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Default 24-Official Team 24/7 Thread

Team 24............................24/7

21 mdbowhunter16-MD
306 SD_Gobbler-SD
196 fshafly2-MD
342 Hiawatha
64 deerhunterpy-KS
272 KBacon- IN
31 Tbyrnzy82-IL
Alt bozarth1436

133 Bpbowhunter-PA

OK team we need to pick a captain and get the show on the road. I will bold the names of the people that check in, Also we need to get a team name. I will gladly take the spot for captain if you guys vote me on. I am pretty much on the site most of the time and wont have a problem managing the team and keeping everything in check. If you guys want to vote for someone else thats fine with me just leave there name in a reply.
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