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My grandfather owns a 95 acre farm & he doesnt hunt. He lets 2 or 3 guys hunt every season no lease. They know when his porch light is on they are not to go out & they wait to see until he gets up. If they find a cut fecne they try & fix it & report it to my grandfather. They take out there tree pegs every winter & they report any oddities. Although I think they pull to many deer out a season 2 buck's each & 2 does each if not more they do take care of the things my grandfather cares most about. Also when there wives make cookies they drop a batch off. When it snows a lot they try to plow his drive. When I hunt there they let me use there stands & offer advice.

Hunters take note. These guys hunt here free because they are not rude or wastefull & the do the right thing.

If he can my grandfather even takes his pickup back & brings there deer up for them.
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