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I agree, I don't know what the later generations are going to do in order to keep hunting alive. I ran into many problems when I moved here to NC trying to find a place to hunt. All of the land around me is all private or is leased out by hunting clubs. I used to even go to the closest public gameland and hunt pretty often but, come gun season there is a line of trucks all down the gravel road leading out into the land that either your rubbing elbows with the guy hunting beside you, your forced to hunt in the thicket (which is impossible as a bowhunter) or every trigger happy redneck is killing deer at a very young age so there is no chance in killing anything of a decent size. Fortunately, I just got to asking some of the local farmers who owns what around my house and if there was anything I could do to help them out. Luckily, that was enough to earn a right to hunt in designated areas on their land. I tried to even pay the man that allows me to hunt on his farm land but, he wasen't going to have that. So every time I take a deer I make sure to give him his choice of the meat. Yeah, if it wasen't for there being such nice people in my area i would still be hunting on gameland or have to give it up until I could afford a lease.
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