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Default RE: Autumn Assassins

TX - sounds like you are in business brother. I can't wait to see which one you are posing with in a couple short months.

Beagle - that sucks man. Theone plus is that thedeer will generally get used to activity and just avoid those areas during daylight areas. Perhaps you could still hunt some areas away from the work site, but obviously you know a lot more about the land than I do. Either way, I sure hope it works out for you, for all of our sakesAlso, that is great shooting by anybody's standards man. Keep it up!

By my count we have heard from:
1. drhntr178
2. LTK
3. huntingson
4. TX Hoghunter
5. Wheatley
6. ron3775
7. Beagle001
8. BerwindaleBoy
9. MNpurple

so we are missing JesterUSCG right? I hope he shows up before the season starts. If he does not, then what happens?
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