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Default hey MD guys, need some opinions

hey all. my search for private land isnt going to well, so i should prepare to hunt on public land while im continuing my search. i live in Baltimore county, and last year i jus went to a few WMA's around here (elk neck state park and gwynbrook wma) and hunted ona last minute of yearthing, hoping to get lucky. this year, i want to have1 or 2lands that i can start to scout and be confident in. i want them to be under an hour away from baltimore co., b/c im going to be hunting mornings alot - staying at my house, waking up very early and driving 30-45 minutes tothe spot.i plan to do this alot, so i dont want to have to drive 2 hours. does anyone have any suggestions for good public land within 45min-hour of baltimore: land with good deer #'s, not too extreme hunting pressure, etc. i could jus look on DNR website, but they dont give a feel for what the land is like, which i was hoping to get from you. dont give me your secret spot lol, just a general idea. thanks a milllion, i need to start scouting soon [8D]
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