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Default Beginner's guide to QDM

Glossary of terms:

Antler- Hard bony growth protruding from the heads of whitetail deer, known to cause moron-ism in otherwise normal people

Bait- An attractant, usually food, placed to draw deer to a specific location. Most commonly used to ensure neighbor doesn't getYOUR antlers

Supplemental Feed- See "bait"

Food Plot- Bait (see above) placed months before the fact.

Neighbor- Someone to be mistrusted, and looked down upon. Most "neighbors" do not commonly worship the antler, and may shoot YOUR deer before it has been decreed. Some "neighbors" even have the audacity to hunt their own property.

Herd Health- big antlers

Quality- big antlers

Mature- big antlers

Scouting- The act of placing a camera over a bait pile, or clearing cobwebs from a shooting house. Requires a remarkable amount of skill, and an uncanny ability to remember where the plots are.

Management Buck- buck taken from the herd that does not have trophy characteristics

Brown-its-down- Term used when someone other than yourself takes a management buck. Applied most often to neighbor.

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