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Default RE: Deet and Deer/Hog Hunting

Try making your own with cheap vodka or deionized water.
This is what I do for each area,cause not allhunting places smell the same.Look around and smell each hunting area yougo to, find the smell.(examples pine, oak, holly, hickory, swamp, ect.) collecting these andadding to the vodka or water makesit smell. Make small batches in baby food jarsor small spray bottles.
Experment withcandy oils you can find them in drug storescinnimon, peppermint, butter scotch,anise oil = (black licorice) things that smell sweet these can make deer curious.When using these,one drop, is to much (dip small twig) in thebottle then dab2 -3 spotsontrees or limbs around you.
Hope this helps and good luck
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