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Default arrow legnth

i just ordered a dozen Carbon Express Terminator XP Selects. spine is .362.

im shooting a Reflex Highlander at 70lb(will have the limbs maxed), 28" arrows have to be 27.5 of greater. im also shooting 125gr fieldpoints(already have about a dozen 125gr muzzys so thats what im shootin!! lol, and blazer vanes.

can anyone tell me what legnth i will see best performance and less headaches from?? last year my Epic 400s were 29. i had a weak spine and had to cut 2 inches off to get it close enough. took care of the problem...just looking to avoid it and get the best flight i can this year...anyone have a legnth recomendation to have the CXs cut to?? looks like 28-29 they fall right in about the middle of the charts..but we all know how charts go.....the epics fit in the charts too lol.

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