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Default RE: Biggest Game for .54 Ball ?

ORIGINAL: dmurphy317

Geez Dave, you trying to save some lead there what?

All kidding aside, that's an amazing story and performance out of a round ball.
The funny part was, it was during or modern season and I was hunting with a fellow (that had too many deer on his property and wanted some taken)that chewed on me the entire walk back into this field he owned,because I brought my .54 caliber Renegade instead of a center fire. He knew I had two "either or tags" to fill, and seemed ticked that I brought a "single shot."

He set me on stand and had not hardly got over the hill when the deer came in (in fact I thought it was him sneaking back). He heard me shoot and walked back. He was yelling "did you get one?" To which I answered, "Yes I did." He then yelled "Buck or Doe?" And I answered, "Yes." He kept yelling "Buck or Doe?" to which I would answer "Yes." When he saw the two deer on the ground, he was shocked. He even said, "Youonly shot once... right? I told him that was correct, but waited for them to line up, so I could fill my tags.

He went back to the little area tavern near my house and told people that I had waited for deer to line up so I would not waste lead and would only have to shoot one shot.
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