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Default RE: Venison Jerky Recipe For My Bow Hunting Friends


Sounds great Preach. I am not usually too fond of jerky recipes with a lot of"wet" seasonings but I will definitely give this one a try.
This dries pretty good .... when it's done, I put it in a paper bag

I like to use the red pepper for heat as well. Have you ever tried powdered Red Pepper instead of the crushed? I use that and I sprinkle it right on top about 1/2 way through the dehydrating, adds great flavor and plenty of heat.
I have, and I love it that way as well ..... I like using tabasco over the red pepper flakes.Notice how muchred hot sauce is used to give it the red pepper flavor as well ...... my mouth is watering!

How many pounds of meat is this recipe good for(approx)?
I believe the recipe will yeild 6#s of jerky..... the stuff lasts forever in the fridge .....
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