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Bh, I've used this trick a few times on those gobblers that like to gobble at you at a distance and then approach silent so that the next time you hear them they have gone by you!I had a gobbler in Texas a few years back that we went round and round off the roost to well in the afternoon.He would gobble at me from a distance then go hushed mouth approaching me silent only to finally gobble again past me.He would not come right into my calls but chose rather to keep quartering around me when he got close.I believe he wanted me to come to him and have had many seasoned gobblers act the same.I finally decided to let him walk off instead of manuvering to get in front of him again and let things calm down.I waited about an hour and half and stroked my mini quakerboy boat paddle to have him once again gobble right back at me.He began to close the distance as he had done before but I knew he would go silent when he got around the 100 yard mark,so after calling one more time in getting a good direction he was coming, I got up as quietly as I could and headed right in that direction he was coming .I covered about 75 yards as quick and as quiet as I could positioned myself again and just waited.Within a couple of minutes that red,white,and blue head came bobbing back in forth through the mesquite!21lbs,10inchbeard,1 1/4 spurs!Obviously you have to have the cover and terrain to pull such a trick but when given the opportunity and you encounter this type of bird it works on these cautious type gobblers! <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

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