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josh, the helical is set by the clamp and only the clamp. jig's come w/ different clamps - left helical, right helical, and straight. on the jig part you can adjust the offset - which is how much of an angle you put the vane on the arrow shaft with. right helical, left helical - doesn't matter any more w/ compounds shot w/ releases. the helical helps grab air for more control, as does offsetting a vane. for a right helical clamp, you should put the vane on so that when you're looking down the shaft from the nock end, the vane goes from left to right (a little offset is nice w/ a helical clamp i think). incidentally, if you look from the point end of the shaft the vane will also go from left to right. opposite for left helical. if you shoot feathers you have to match the type of feather to the clamp. if you get a straight clamp you can set the offset in either direction. i use a right helical clamp. i use a nice bit of offset also w/ 3d arrows, and as much as i can get on hunting arrows.
a grayling is a nice jig to start with. a bitzenberger is very nice, but pricey.same basic design and it works well. most any jig will do your arrows, which are a .246 shaft i believe. the ones that put all your vanes on at the same time, they work well, but you don't have any control over where the vanes go. hope this helps.
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