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Um, what was used for arrow squaring before the G5 ASD tool? I do believe that was my original question. Not whether or not Len treats his customers right and knows his *&^%. I believe from past posts I can trust you Len for your knowledge. That is not the question at hand here. And also this question was not directed toward aluminum arrows as I use carbon only. Particularly Easton Axis with HIT inserts. So I really would only be squaring the carbon itself and not the inserts.

Back to regularly scheduled program. LOL

Thanks, LT
In the "old days" most would just spin the arrow against the cutting blade in an arrow saw. I've seen some horible results from lack of skill in doing that, but some could do a great job.

For the guys that couldn't do a good job on the saw, the wood block tool would work. Sometimes instead of a hole the size of an arrow, they would have a V shaped notch that was used just like the ASD.

Today, we have the ASD and it is abetter tool.A bit expensive any more, but still worth it.

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