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Default RE: Review of Summit's Hot Dot sight

Things that make me go......"no".

"tilt" shuts sight off? I can't get past that. I think I heard a 3deg. cant would deem the sight unusable. Although you say it took a considerable cant.....I'd need to experience that one before making a final decision.

Batteries for my hunting gear. I have a sight light on my Viper. I use it when I'm shooting indoors. I had a sight light on my other sights as well. You know.....the batteries NEVER DIE at an opportune moment. I know I'd be in my stand on a 20 degree mroning when the batteries needed changing.

Greg....that's a very in-depth review. I noticed the extra sight you had on the table, also. How many people get a few sights to try out? What's your affiliation? Just curious.

As much as I have reservations........I also trust your judgement. If you used it for a season.....and THEN had a rosy review......I'd likely give one a try.
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