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Default RE: Minnesota Bowhunters

if your lookin for land I would contact the DNR directly or check out their website, as much as we may all dislike them, they generally will be pretty helpful when trying to locate tracts of land to hunt and many of theState DNR websites willhave small maps showing publicland. They can probably point in the right direction forgetting somegood maps of public land, once you find an area there are a ton of places online to get maps from (some free, some not). Another thing you can do is just start knockin on doors and trying to get permission to hunt any farms. There have been a handfull of posts relating tips on how to get permission to hunt someones land, if you look through those you're sure to find some good advice on that. The only other thing I know of is, is just drive the county roads and look for the public hunting grounds signs (we have them here in places).
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