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thanx paul. i shoot a reflex highlander with a 36" ATA. i just looked at it to see if i could adjust it here just to see..i dont wanna screw with arrows will be too short no reason to. when i get my string ill be buying arrows and be spending the day at the shop getting everything perfect.

i figured you dont NEED to touch the string to your nose...i just really like that. exspecially in the tree stand. if it aint touchin you didnt bend at the waist. so i kinda like that. i just went and drew a couple times to see if i wasnt just doin something diffrent...i definently lower my head an inch or so to get into position. im betting ill be shooting 29....which is kinda short and stocky and thought i had short arms..then again i am 5' 10" just used to everyone being 6' ft plus...we will see in a month or so what the shop says.
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