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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: draw legnth..

I don't know what bow you shoot, but sometimes it is difficult to get the proper head position and have your nose touch the string with a short ATA bow and a longer draw length. I had to alter my form slightly to shoot my Mighty Might. I have to anchor slightly higher with this bow than my other bows that are closer to 35 inches ATA. And I only have a 26 inch draw length, so string angle is not a huge issue with me. Now having a 28 inch or more draw length puts a pretty severe string angle on a short ata bow.

Something to keep in mind anyway.

You don't HAVE to touch your nose to the string, I feel it's more important to have proper posture than touching your nose to the string. After all you are using a peep sight, so that should help you line things up in that regard. If it's awkward to put the string on your nose, then don't do it. It will take some getting used to though.

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