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Default RE: draw legnth..

thanx guys. ill definently have the shop check it.

i just turned 20 recently. i dont know that i grew...but its possible i supposed.

i shot often enough to not change my form or totally forget how to shoot. i tried to shoot atleast one session every week or 2. just recently i been shooting as often as i all feels the same...i think ive just never noticed that i lowered my head so much. if i hold my head straight up and close my eyes and draws the string is a good .5-1inch from the tip of my nose and so is the peep. if i lower my head to touch the string with my nose then open my eyes im looking throgh the peep.

i havent changed anything in my setup. my release and all thats the same.

ill definently have it checked when i get my string later this year..i definently think i might beable to shoot 28.5 or 29. thing is with my reflex it only adjusts in 1 inch rather be short than long...or is it possible for the shop to put it at 28.5 some way???
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