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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: draw legnth..

Virtually impossible to say without seeing you shoot.

How old are you? If you are a teenager I guess it's possible you grew and need to adjust your bow. If you are in your 20's I higly doubt this is what happened.

And I really don't think your bow got shorter. Longer I would buy, but not shorter. That would be a pretty rare thing right there, unless you messed with it in some way. Did you change your release or adjust it? This can change your percieved draw length. Especially switching from a wrist type release to a hand held release.

Three things I would look at. First you are anchoring different than before, probably lower on your face. Two your nocking point moved on you, probably up the string towards the peep. And three your stance changed, you may be shooting more open now I think. Possibly a combonation of two of these or maybe all three.

You need to have someone watch you shoot and either tweak your form or re-adjust your bow.

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