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I have a TK 2ooo and I love it. I was at the NWTF in Nashville and the Knight Rep gave me about 140 shot cups and wads. Some have found an aftermarket wad from Ballistic Products. They may be the supplier for Knight..I don't know. As far as powder I have used T7 only so far. I have tried from 80 to 11o gr of T7. If u try 110 gr u better hang on! It kicks like a cheap mule. As far as shot I use one of the shot cups full (2 1/2 oz) and the black Knight wad. I have killed a turkey over 40 yds using 100 gr T7. I held a little hi and he was graveyard dead. As far as patterns go I had 87% in a 30" circle at 40 yds. If u use the turkey head target it will put 10-15 shot in the kill area. This is my second TK. My friend borrowed mine and wanted it bad so I sold it and started over. I had a Nikon ($279) on the other one. My dealer didn't have that scope so I tried a Bushnell Banner Camo 1.5 x 4 and I am going to keep it.About $70 from Midway.
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