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Default RE: Whitetail Deer Body Weight

Alas, I've shot deer in several states and the biggest was from a state where I've also shot on average the smallest. The biggest dressed at 186 in Maryland on a scale. The largest average I have is probablyfrom NY but none of mine ever beat the 186 and I've killed a lot of deer in NY. I've seen many bigger ones killed in Maryland, Ga, Kentucky, Texasand NY... but I never got them. I'm the king of 130-160 pound deer. LOL I have relatives in Ontario that own thousands of acres. I just got to make a plan to go bow hunting some day. They own every thing you see in this picture and more. And yes, the lake is their's as is the Eastern shore you can't see. There are no roads from this point to as far as you can see in the picture. And I've never made it a plan to go hunting. Go figure. Bears, the works... all unmolested. Pete doesn't hunt and he owns it. I have fished the lake a few times. Many as a kid when it was really great and as recently as 3 years ago.There is another lake through the slot between the 2 mountains that you have to walk to of course. I remember my mother writing me when I was in Vietnam all excited, they had gotten power into the house. That was in 1968. LOL Pete owns a large company that deals internationally in erosion control systems of all varieties. His company is in Ottawa but this is 150 miles north of Quebec. It's been in the family since .... well before I was born. It doesn't get hunted and they'd never open it up to strangers. Family yes. He's my cousin.

Here's the McCovic/Mullroney family decendants at a little family reunion 3 years ago in the basement of Pete's lake house. Most gracious host. A story of country boy who worked his butt off and did well. He has about 4 trailers and a couple cabins on the place for children, grand children an all to come to for the weekend. He always has an opening for his USA relatives. His lake house is very nice but not over the top. Just really comfortable and so much like Pete, real inviting. I have more relatives in Canada than I do in the USA. Your's truly... back right. Pete, back left.2 of my brothers and sister in between. Aunt, brother, aunt and cousins in front row. My one Aunt died a couple years ago. The one on the left is my Aunt Clara,,,, 94 and still drives everywhere with a lead foot. She my mom's sister and the designated family matriarch.

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