2011-2012 Youth Contest Rules

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Default 2011-2012 Youth Contest Rules

Official Rules Thread for the 2011-2012 Youth deer season contest.

1. Deer must be taken in a legal and ethical way as laws apply in the State your hunting including tags or whatever your state requires. This includes the antler specifications for each individual state.

2. Gun or bow as rules apply in your state.

No poaching or night hunting allowed period.

3. Scoring
A buck will count as 35 points, plus the number of points on the rack.
Example- An 8 point buck will receive 43 points because 35(base score for a buck) + 8(the number of points on the rack)=43.

Does and button bucks will count as 25 points.

4. You must have a picture posted on the contest page with the total score you think it is. Iíll check, but make it easy and post your score.
The Deer must have a tag visible if required by your state.
No skull pictures, no rack pictures - the Deer the gun and yourself,
Must be in the picture.

The picture MUST be in a Tasteful manner as to promote hunting,
(No Blood and Gore Pictures will be Allowed)

If the Deer is all bloody clean it up before the picture and
Hide the big hole from bullet.
Remember this is to promote hunting not degrade it.

10. No penned shot deer accepted,
Deer must be a free range wild animal regardless - private or public land.
No deer shot more than twenty two times will be accepted either.

These rules are adopted from the adult rifle competition as well as my memory from past years. We use a simpler scoring method, because we have some young hunters here and we wanna keep it easy. Also, we do not limit the amount of doe harvested (as long as it is all legal of course) because we just want to promote hunting and being in the outdoors. If there are ANY questions, please post here or PM me or Redhawk. These rules are by no means rock solid. If you'd like some changes please, let me know and we'll work on it.

Thank You and Good Luck

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