2009-2010 Bowhunting Contest This is it. Will the Dark Horses be over thrown? Good Luck to all This Season.

Buy your kits now!!!

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Default Buy your kits now!!!

Quiksilvers best post ever.

But alas, there is hope.

Limited Time Offer from the Reigning WORLD CHAMPS:

Tired of getting skunked in the HNI contest over and over and over again?
Having nightmares about being trampled by racehorses?
Tired of all those disheartening days in the stand, not seeing anything?
Are your buddies starting to call bull **** on your neverending claims that you're "waiting for the big one?"
Tired of feeling "inadequate" around your hunting buddies?

Fret no longer! Your prayers have been answered!

For just $29.99 + Shipping & Handling, you can be the proud new owner of the Huntingnet Bowhunting Contest Success Kit!

Basic Kit Includes:

Mighty Putty (1 stick)

31" Gross B&C Deer Antlers

Full Color Deer Density Map of the United States

Just use our patented "Dark Horse Signature-Series Map" to find areas most likely to be littered with roadkills, then drive around until you find a fresh one.Simply hop out with your Mighty Putty and Booner Antlers ready-to-go,then pose for your Glamour Shots! It's fun and easy!

Please send all orders/inquiries to:

Dark Horses: A team of destiny
866Racetrack Lane
Lexington, KY 12345

Or call our customer service line at 1-888-HORSES WIN

Don't hesitate to ask about our 100", 150" and "Booner" kits!

Just listen to a fewtestimonials fromour satisfied customers:

"This is probably my only chance at getting anything. Thanks Dark Horses!" - Buckmaster

"Maybe now I can actually produce a scorable buck to go along with all my claims of monster bucks and expert woodsmanship!" - Droptine229

"This will certainly help me break the streak. Mr. Mass, here I come!" - Germ

"I've been talking a big game for a long time. Now, maybe I'll actually produce some real-world results to go with it." - MN/Kyle

"I have no chance at the deer in my avatar, so I figure this 31 incher will definitely get me some more credibility on the site." - Siman08/OH

"I wntd tu git a deer. Now i kan. Im ixcited." - Bigtim6656

"Can I measure mine in centimeters again?" -buckeye

"I can't believe it came with both antlers!" - Rob/PA

"I bought my set3 years ago, but just used them last year. People ask how old my deer was, I just tell them "4-and-a-half." Aged like a fine wine." - GMMAT

"I got thrown out of the contest, and I'm not happy about it." - Atlasman

"I forgot my treestand straps and STILL scored a buck! I can't believe it!" - Rybohunter

"Stick-on deer antlers don't make for the greatest hunting footage, but the hero photos can't be beat!" - Hunsucker

"Do you sell one with buttons?" - Buttonbuckmaster

"Can I use my deer rifle again" - guy who used deer rifle last year

"Now I won't even have to dent my truck trying to run one down. I'll just use somebody else's roadkill. This is awesome!" - TJF

"The sheer size of my fingers will overshadow themass on these 31 inchers, but that's okay. I'll just be happyto finally get one!" -bloodcrick

"Have you guys been to New Mexico? They have huge deer in NewMexico. Probably the best state that nobodyknows about. 348 different big-game species. If I had this kit last year, I'd have harvested a deer there for sure!" -Hardcorehunter
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I still laugh when I read the testimonials.
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Default Good stuff 130woodman!!

Damn, now those were funny as heck!!!!!!!!
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That is hilarious
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That's good!
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that's good
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Man, I knew I missed more than the Bow contest last year. That has to be one of the best comedy skits I ever heard relateing to hunting. Even better than most of TK&Mike.

Glad to be in this year!!!
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When will you release the newest kit?

"Pride, then Fall"

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That's good stuff!! LOL
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Well Done!
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