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Default Did I stumble on a dusting area, what is it?

I just scouted a small area at lunch time that I plan on hunting and knew I found something but didn't know what. I was just looking here on the forum and see on page 4 someone mention a dusting area. I was walking a dirt/sandy trail (following along w/some turkey tracks) and came to a wierd spot in the dirt, round depression about 20 in. in diameter (with real fine dirt like it had been sifted) that looked like a turkey had danced in itor something. All around the edges the dirt was mounded up. Is this a good find, I just discovered the turkey tracks here and don't know where they roost but now that I am looking I see a descent number of tracks. I am new to turkey hunting but figuredit's either sit on the couch and not get a bird or sit in the woods and even if I don't get one I'll enjoy that.
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