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Indiana SmokePole 09-04-2008 03:17 PM

Team #18 - Silent Strike
Team # 18

Heads or Tails, Mo - Jerry
dmounts - Washington, PA USA - Don
johnnybravoo77 – Michigan - John
SouthernStrut56 – ALABAMA - Blake
5. Riffer-Alberta
BuckeyeHunter140~ OHIO- Chad
Klecanc - KY/IL - Chris
Indiana Smokepole – Indiana - RON
9. ms6852 - West Texas
sk74ford- Indiana - Shane

As you all check in I will change your names to RED and please post your first names also this way every one will know your real name please.

Also you need to be thinking of a team name and picking a team Captin ( NOT ME )

tell us a little about your selves also :)

Indiana SmokePole 09-04-2008 03:51 PM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
Hi every body , I go by Indiana SmokePole But my name is RON.
I live and hunt in Southern Indiana and by my Handle you can tell what I hunt with.
I love my Knight Muzzle Loaders . We have some very Nice Bucks in Indiana for sure I hunt Mostly Private Farms But I like to hunt some of the Public grounds also. I am a Avid Bowhunter also I am married with 4 kids ,
My wife - Erinalso hunts some with me , and I really enjoy that time with her.

My Biggest Buck to date I have not scored but I took him with my bow is a 11pt 21" wide and FD out at 223lbs
My wifes biggest is a 1.5yr old 3 pt. 10" wide and FD out at 179lbs.

Looking forwad to getting to know you all and hopefully help the team out.


klecanc 09-05-2008 06:56 AM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
Hey everybody,My name is Chris.
I live in western, KY. and also hunt west central IL.
I'm married 22 yrs. w/ 2kids (18 yr old boy & 14 yr old girl)
I hunt bow and gun seasons in both states.
Bow season opens up down here tomorrow!!:)

SouthernStrut56 09-05-2008 09:46 AM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
I'm Blake, I'm 23 years old in engineering school at Auburn. I live for spring turkey season, but I also love to get in the woods and get after whitetails. I bow and gun hunt private family land, two different 300 acre tracts. Bow season opens Oct 15, gun opens Nov 22nd. I have hada littlesuccess gun hunting the rut the past 2 seasons, taking a 128" 11 point two years ago and a 140" 13 point last season, so we have some good bucks runnin' around our places. I don't hunt with anybody else, except maybe a buddy or two every now and then, so I have the place all to myself, which is nice. I have g/f of over a year who can't stand my hunting obsessions,the woods is where I go to get away from her!

johnnybravoo77 09-05-2008 11:08 AM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
Hello all! My name is John. I live on 11.5 acres so I get to hunt a little right behind the house. I also hunt about 2 hours away where my grandparents own 160 acres of woods and farmland. My wife and I have 5 children, so I relish all my time in the woods.

sk74ford 09-05-2008 12:07 PM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
Hey fellas. My name is Shane. I hunt mostly in Southwest Indiana and am going to do some hunting in Kentucky this year as well. I am 23 years old. I mainly hunt on private property but occasionally hunt on public land.

Hey Indiana Smokepole where do you live at in Indiana? I live in Evansville.

klecanc 09-05-2008 01:39 PM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
Hey Shane, I'm just down the road in Morganfield.

Indiana SmokePole 09-05-2008 07:18 PM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
Welcome fellers Glad to hear from you .

Shane I live just south of Corydon, little place called Laconia ( Harrison Co. )
Just across the bridge from Brandenburg KY.


sk74ford 09-06-2008 10:52 PM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread
That's cool. We have three people within a few hours of each other. Yeah I know where Corydon is. I have heard of Laconia before.

Hey Chris, did you go bow hunting this weekend? I will be going to Kentucky some this year. I don't know the dates but i will be going a little bit down there. I also applied for the land between the lakes hunt, too. So hopefully I get picked.

Indiana SmokePole 09-07-2008 09:25 AM

RE: Official Team 18 Thread

We use to go down to LBL every year in April we would go down for the Turkey hunting & Crappie fishing and then the last week of Oct & first week of Nov. for Bowhunting , it was Me my DAD and about 8 more of our friends one of the guys that went with us actually his family's Farm was part of LBL until the state bought every thing out ! we camped in Vickers Bay & Suger Bay , I haven't been down there for years though. We killed some pritty nice bucks down there.
Good Luck and kill one for me :)


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