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5- Team "Tree Huggers" Official Thread

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5- Team "Tree Huggers" Official Thread

Old 01-02-2007, 05:15 PM
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Default RE: 5- Team "Tree Huggers" Official Thread

Well did anyone have any luck over the holidays? I got in four days deer hunting without seeing much of anything before I through in the towel and headed to La. for some goose hunting. I had a great trip there but it didn't help the team. I'll be back on the deer lease this weekend and every other weekend in January. We actually had two OK bucks taken over the holiday break but no sure enough good ones. Two more weeks and the rut should start kicking off. It can only get better from here on out.
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Old 01-09-2007, 08:05 AM
Fork Horn
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Default RE: 5- Team "Tree Huggers" Official Thread

Good luck to you. It's weird to think about deer in rut in January.
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Old 01-13-2007, 09:54 PM
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Default RE: 5- Team "Tree Huggers" Official Thread

Sorry guys no buck this year and the season is done in Wisconsin. Hopefully next year.
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Old 01-17-2007, 06:42 PM
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Default RE: 5- Team "Tree Huggers" Official Thread

Hey wibowhntr, thats the way it goes soem years. Hoperfully you enjoyed the season and learned a little something for next year.

As for me, I spent the weekend guiding my daughter around for her last trip of the season. She was able to see a buck on each outing of the weekend. Only one was a shooter, a nice 8 point, but it was a little over 200 hundred yards and didn't present a good broadside shot long enough for her. She is a very good shot but is very disciplined at not shooting unless the shot is optimal and standing still.

Several deer were seen chasing does this weekend and the numbers will only increase as the days go by. I've got around 7 days left in the stand before it is over. We'll see how it goes.
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Old 01-30-2007, 08:35 PM
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Default RE: 5- Team "Tree Huggers" Official Thread

Well it's come to a close for me. From Friday until Sunday I was able to see 12 does and 3 bucks with no shooters. With my season coming to a close Monday I did the unthinkable. Yep, I broke out the .270 and perched in a tri-pod looking at a 350 yard long 15 foot wide piece of prime whitetail real estate. This little clearing separated a planted pine bedding area and a hardwood flat with two large food plots just a few yards across the property line in the hardwoods. A third, smaller, plot was on my lease about 100 yards through the pines from my stand. This plot has a great bow stand inan isolated oakon the edge of the field. I climbed into my perch at 6 a.m. and watched the 24 degree air convert my breath to a foggy wind direction checker. West by northwest as expected and excellent for my stand location. Out steps a large deer at the far end of the shooting lane with its head to the ground and moving quick out of the bedding area. With a loud HEAH, I shouldered my rifle and I had the animal in my scope only to watch the heavy mass ofhorns disappear into the oaks without a pause. No chance at a reasonable shot. I look down at my watch, 7:10. At 8:30 my second deer appears as it lazily feeds in the clearing. A yearling button head but buck #2. As he feeds into the pines another deer appears near the 300 yard mark and steadily walks straight away from me. He's inside the ears with skinny horns but very tall, a two year old. Maybe next year but therewas buck #3. Over the next two and a halfhours I watch a parade of young spikesleave the pine thicket in search of companionship. In total, I've seen no does and eight bucks.Six have been spikes or buttons, one small rack, and one potential shooter without a shot. The sun has now warmed the air considerably and my stomach is letting me know its time for lunch. I'll head in at 12 for a quick snack. 11:20, 11:30, 11:40, 11:45, buck 125 yards and closing. A gorgeous two year old 7 point with chocolate horns. At 60 yards he slips into the pines for a well deserved rest. OK, at 1:00 I'll get some lunch. An uneventful hour later, hungry and hot,I muster up enough strength to slip out and head for lunch. 60 yards north and then due west by the lone oak to the truck. A few PB & J sandwiches later, I return to the oak minus a few layers. As I approach my left hand turn for the stand I see my first doe 50 yards across the property line near one of the large food plots. I paused for a moment to add a little Tinks 69 to an isolated clump of sage grass in the road and then ease 60 yards to my stand. It's 2:15 and it appears that deer are still on the move but the wind has shifted from the east, not the best but acceptable. 4:00 finds me peering through my binoculars at the main crossings for tree in which I can bow hunt next year.Thereare two but they are in the right places. At 5:00 I'm thinking back on a fun season and my prospects for next year. 5:15 only 15 minutes left, no buck for me this year but my daughter did get her first. Maybe next year she can get a racked buck. As dusk rapidly approaches, I peer back over my shoulder at the trailed I walked in from and the sage grass moves. It's a forked horn not grass. I quietly rotate my seat to the back and slowly shoulder me rifle as the buck steps completely into the clearing. He's staring into the little plot about 80 yards from my bow stand and 60 yards from me. As I settle my rifle onto the metal rail,my shoulder strap buckleever so slightly makes contact, clink. FULL ALERT and looking my way. Scope 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Some mass, tips of ears and a big body. A 4 year old, shoulder BANG. He bolts out of sight with a noticeable limp. A second or two of silence and then a muffled rustling in the brush. Sounds like he crashed within a hundred yards. I ease down and slip to the sage grass clump. No that smells strong as I see the large puddle he had just made. Here's where he took off. I mark the spot and have a seat. I look up to see a doe under the lone oak. I wonder if he was following her and I didn't see her cross. 15 minutes later it is dark as I begin my search. 10 minutes and no blood. I step into the woods about 20 yards and parallel the road he ran down. Finally, a blood trail. 30 yards later the horns catch the light. Not my biggest buck but a fine animal none the less. I didn't put him on the scales but he easily out weighed the 165 pound 4 point my best friend took on the 19th with his bow. I'd say a solid 185. After two of us struggled to get him on the ATV rack, maybe closer to 200. The 06-07 season has come to a close. It's time to start the boat isn't it?

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