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Default Last minute Boar, pigs on the run!!

On the last evening hunt at Crystal Creek bowhunting Ranch I was able to get in a perfect place , the ground was VERY hard and not alot of ground clutter.... As the day light turned to darkness it was game time to try to get close to the feeding hogs that I could hear off in the distacne. As I slowly focused in the dark on were I was stepping , I slowly closed ground on the feeding hogs. Foot after foot, the distance was closing and my excitement was growing with leaps and bounds. With around 20 yards to go I slowly drew back my Mathews bow and stepped out into the path of the feeding hogs. They never knew that a preditor had gotton so close to them, as I focused on the largest one and was about to let the release go, five very small hogs ran down the path right beside me and never winded me just a mere feet away thanks to my Wildlife Research Center products. The time had come to make the harvest, I waited at full draw for the hog to turn broadside and finsh the puzzle, as the final piece fell into place the Lumnock once again showed the trail of the arrow as if it was a heat seeking missle going straight to the target. As the Muzzy tiped Maxima found its mark, the hog ran off into the dark South Texas brush and in a few seconds it was all quite. I very slowly filled with anticipation eased over to look at my arrow, It was clear that the muzzy hard done a AWESOME job. A little over 60 yards away in the deep brush a boar hog had taken its last steps . I waited until my guide (Sean ) came around the corner in the truck and I replayed the shot to him and in no time at all we were standing over the animal.....

I would Like to take the time to Thank Sean for doing a AWESOME job at helping all of my team-mates, with out him and Hips Archery Targets this would not have come to pass......[/align][/align][/align]
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